Rides Van

After a year and a half of availability, the RIDES Van program will no longer be offered in the City of Alton. Due to lack of riders and the cost, the Council has decided to cut the program. The Van will continue to run Monday – Thursday 8:30-11:30 A.M. through Thursday, March 28, 2013. If you would like to schedule a ride call the City Office at 712-756-4314.

Garbage Collection to Change

OC Sanitation delivered the new garbage totes on Friday, January 18. The use of the totes will begin immediately. The location and weekday of your garbage pickup will not change. Totes are to be left out by the street or alleyway with the front facing the street (or wheels by the curb) and lids closed. If you wish, your old garbage container can be used as an additional recycling container by affixing a ‘RECYCLABLE’ label that is free at the OC Sanitation or City Offices. If you wish to dispose of your old garbage container you can bring it to the City Office or OC Sanitation will pick it up if you leave it by the new totes with a note on your normal pickup day. Any garbage that is in a different or no container, not in the approved tote, will not be picked up. If you have not received your tote please contact OC Sanitation at 712-737-2645

Avoid a Surprise in Your Water Bill

On occasion outside water meters stop measuring usage. If the City Staff notices your readings are substantially down from previous months this could result in a significantly higher water bill when it is caught up with the inside meter. To prevent the possibility of this happening, be sure to check your inside and outside water meters to verify they match. If there is a discrepancy contact City Hall so our Water Superintendent can assess what steps need to be taken, either fix or replace the meters. If you want the City to check the meters for you, call City Hall 712-756-4314. The meter on the left is the water meter in your basement connected to your incoming service line. The meter on the right is your outside reader that is read by the City Staff on a monthly basis. The way to check them is to match the meter on the outside to the meter in the basement. The basement meter is the true reading of water usage in your house. The outside meter is more apt to be incorrect/slow due to equipment failure, stuck numbers or broken wire, etc. The readings should match, with the exception of the last digit. The last digit on the outside meter will always be “0” while the last digit on the basement meter will change. The usage will be based off of the outside meter, so it will always end in a zero.

Efficiency Incentives Available

Efficiency Incentives Available Now is the time to invest in energy-smart products and take advantage of the cash incentives offered to you by Alton Municipal Electric. We offer a variety of energy efficiency programs that can help you lower your utility bills. Bright Ideas Delivered Right to Your Email. Are you looking for more energy-saving tips, simple hints, and other timely information about energy efficiency for your home? Then sign up today for our free Bright Ideas e-newsletter that is distributed monthly to your email inbox. Questions? Visit www.brightenergysolutions.org or contact Leonard Pottebaum at Alton Municipal Utilities.

Recycle Your Old Electronics

Recycle Your Old Electronics The cities of Alton and Orange City are co-sponsoring a free recycling program that will accept fluorescent lamps and bulbs, computer monitors, CPUs, keyboards and mouse(s), and small batteries. No car batteries allowed. Items can be dropped off at the City Street Department south of Alco on Highway 10 on Friday, October 18, from 4:00 to 7:00 P.M. and Sat., October 19, from 9 A.M. to noon.

Winter Parking Reminder

Winter Parking Reminder Seasonal Parking Rules We would like to remind citizens that parking is prohibited on Alton streets from October 15, 2013, to April 1, 2014, between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Violators will be subject to a $10 fine.

Utility Help is Available

Utility Help is Available Notice to Utility Customers As customers of the City of Alton, help is available to you in resolving possible complaints about your electric or gas service. You can contact a utility representative at the following address: The City of Alton 905 3rd Ave. P O Box 910 Alton, IA. 51003-0910 If your complaint is related to service disconnection, safety, or renewable energy and the City of Alton does not resolve your complaint, you may request assistance from the Iowa Utilities Board by writing to: Iowa Utilities Board: 350 Maple Street, Des Moines, IA 50319, or by calling: (515) 281-3939 or toll-free (877) 565-4450 or by E-mail to iubcustomer@ub.state.ia.us

Library Preschool Story Hour

Fall and winter sessions of preschool story hour will be held at the Alton Public Library for children age 3-5 years old. Toddler/Preschool Story Time – Wednesday mornings from 10:30-11:15am October 2 and 16, and November 6 and 20. Come join the fun as we enjoy stories, activities, crafts and a snack! Please call the library if you have any questions or go to our website www.alton.lib.ia.us

Heating Assistance Available

The Low-income Home Energy Assistance program offered through Mid-Sioux Opportunity, Inc. will be taking applications for the program year that will begin October 1, 2013 and end September 30, 2014. Please note the enclosed flyer for details. Apply early, as this is on a first come first served basis and funds are limited. Upon approval by Mid-Sioux, funds will be disbursed to the City and applied. This may take several weeks.

Tree Trimming

Trees Require Trimming, Too! Tree Responsibilities for Property Owners NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS We have had several complaints about trees overhanging streets and sidewalks. Please note the following City of Alton ordinances pertaining to trees, and take necessary action if you are in violation. 5.04 DUTY TO TRIM TREES. The owner or agent of the abutting property shall keep the trees on or overhanging the street, trimmed so that all branches will be at least fifteen (15) feet above the surface of the street and eight (8) feet above the sidewalks. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 364.12(2c)) 5.05 ASSESSMENT. If the abutting property owner fails to trim the trees as required in this chapter, the city may serve notice on the abutting property owner requiring him to do so within five (5) days. If he fails to trim the trees within that time, the city may perform the required action and assess the costs against the abutting property for collection in the same manner as a property tax. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 364.12(2d&e))