Municipal Utilities

Alton Municipal Utilities brings you reliable utility services at competitive rates, provided by local employees who are safety-minded and environmentally conscious.

With community-owned utilities, our decision-making is local and grounded in what is best for our community. Alton Municipal Utilities is not-for-profit, and we are able to invest in a bright future for Alton.

Alton Municipal Utilities – 712-756-4314 (weekdays from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm)

Emergency/After hours – 712-756-5500

Fire or Other Emergency: Immediately call 911.

Gas Leak: Immediately call the Natural Gas Department.
If you suspect a leak in a building, do not turn light switches on or off, or call from inside the building, as it is possible for the switches or phone to ignite the leaking gas.

Power Outage: Electric Outage: If your house is without power, immediately call the Electric Department.

Water Leak: If you discover a water leak, call the Water Department.

Wastewater Emergency: Please contact the Wastewater Department.

Public Works: Streets, alleys, parks, all other City properties.

Stay Connected During Emergencies: Facebook

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