Travis Plathe

Council Member

I just started serving Alton this year, 2018

I had always thought it would be interesting to be involved with some of the decision making with the city but with the council, we had at the time I felt there was no reason to run against them since they were doing a great job. One of the members decided not to re-run for the position so I figured now is the time to give it a try and see if the people would vote me in. Well, here we are.

I Love Alton:
I’ve been born and raised in this town and love everything about it. You really appreciate the small town you live in when you talk to people from big cities and they only know a handful of people. You’ve got to love riding down the road and getting waves and smiles from most of the people you pass.

My Passions:
Hunting, Golfing and Hanging Out With Friends and Family

My Dream for Alton:
Hope to help make this town a great town to grow up in or raise a family in. I hope everyone can enjoy growing up in this town as much as I have and be proud on the little community that we have.